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O-Stone Co., Limited is one of professional stone supplier in Qingdao China. We focus on exquisite stone products. Creativity, Design, Match is what we are seeking always. It could be a variety of creative mosaic, colorful marble background, very elegant carvings, or fantasy stone art works etc.

Our leading market is the countries which love classic style and natural ambience such as Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia etc. We believe that Customer Satisfaction is very important. To support our belief we pay close attention to Understanding customer needs, Correct pricing, Perfecting our production and delivery timing.

Our wide range of mosaic, medallion, tile collection are derived from many different colors and style marble, onyx and limestone provided from many different quarries in China. After years of hard efforts, we have established long-term relationship with many customers and cooperate happily.

Ostone was established in 2005 and moved to the world market with many different regular size tile and mosaic as well as unique designs and projects.

Our mission is to add value to the life of our clients, co-workers, and the companies we are related in natural stone production chain by respecting our natural resources.


There is an old saying in China: “A promised promise is an owing debt.” You can understand it as a pressure, but also a kind of power. O-Stone consistently takes “Keeping promises” as a foundation of development. If not, we will go to an end. Similarly, without power of development for an enterprise, the result will be the same. So it is our power to make a promise, to owe “debt”, O-Stone will to take challenge.

● Price
For the stone industry with more than ten years’ development, owing to the improvement of processes and the maturity of market, the price and profits of stone product are being squeezed to extremely low levels. But the quality of products is still an important problem. O-Stone maybe cannot be the lowest price in china market, but we always try to provide users with the most cost-effective product. Wild speculation and shoddy ones as good never happen to O-Stone.

● Communication
Do you have the experience that waiting for the answer from seller for many days? We have. I think all of us hate this situation, so O-Stone never make it happen to you. There are many ways to get in touch with us. For instance, to submit you inquiry through “contact us”, email us or calling to us. No matter to contact us in any way or any time, we will answer you within 16 hours on working time.

Considering that you may worry about the quality of product, packing way and delivery time. We hope to think ahead and reassure your worriers. From the beginning of production to the departure of dock, we will inform you by email the detailed situation of each step. After finishing producing, we will provide you the clear pictures of product and packing. We promise you will know the progress of dealing with us together.

● Quality
Everybody never hope what they buy is not what they want or cannot be used well. Especially we never hope it happen to our customers. So O-Stone and our factory attach great importance to the quality control of products. We will keep the delivery time and ensure product quality at the same time. In order to avoid the damage by impacted during transportation, we will input some more products to protect your interest.

● Packing
Many buyers and sellers may ignore the importance of packing, most of them think as long as the product never be damaged then OK. O-Stone don’t think so. In current competitive market economy environment, not only the upgrade of product, the upgrade of packing is also important. With many years experience of operating, except to ensure the quality of packing, we still adjust the size of packing in order to save the space of container. So it saves the sea freight and the product cost in some meaning for you.

● Delivery Time
In the constantly changing international market, the importance to ensure just-in -time delivery is obvious. For the many years exporting experience of stone trading and the lessons of the past, O-Stone is much more mature in controlling of delivery time. We will follow the delivery time on the contract, under the condition of guaranteeing the quality.

● Damage
The product may be damaged by impacted during long-time transportation, this is not what we want to see. O-Stone guarantee that as long as it is our duty for the damage, then will reissue the products soon or next shipment according the negotiation with customer. We will try best to reduce losses for customers.

● Responsibility
O-Stone require everyone in the company to be imbued with a sense of responsibility for the customer and to enthusiastic about our products. We respect to each customer, without your support, do not have us today. We respect our fruits of labor. All the achievements were got from his struggle. We will insist on our company concept just like you are supporting us continually. Hope you and me will have a very bright future.